Dive into this Workout to be your Best Possible Self

It’s time for an intervention! Here in Vietnam, we’re back in a Covid lockdown, no longer teaching with the school closed, and family far away. So, I began exploring fun, positive things to lift my spirits. I discovered BPS—the “best possible self” intervention, and I tried it. Today, I feel…

Easy baked falafel

Falafel is a favorite in our household, and it’s easy to see why. It’s nutritiously dense, it’s incredibly flavorsome, and it’s easy to prepare.

Begin your day with powerful habits!

Each day begins at your first moments of consciousness. That’s when we first make choices that will empower, or limit, your day. Start each day fresh and with power!

Ultimate Tacos / Fajitas

Ultimate Tacos / Fajitas is a super simple recipe that’s great all year round. It has an amazing mix of ingredients with a supercharged blast of health benefits.

Sometimes, you just got to laugh!

The Joy Quest is about living with joy in all its components. One healthy component to a healthy mind and positive thinking is laughter. If we never laugh, then we aren’t healthy.

Helping Others

There’s something about helping others, sharing their burdens, easing their pain, that does something inside your head and heart. Psychologically, when you help someone, your thoughts turn away from your own problems—if only for a short period of time. That’s the beginning of your own healing and a healthier lifestyle.…

Words of Wisdom 2

God’s dreams take form only when they are about others, for the benefit of others. Loving them. Guiding them. Serving them. Influencing them. Filling their heads with dreams and hope. There are no other types of God dreams.

A Faith Meditation

Is Lazarus a special case? Hasn’t Jesus done the same thing for all of us? Christ in our lives is not God turning bad people good, but bringing DEAD people to LIFE. (Read Romans 6:1-11.) Sin is like those grave clothes. A person may be alive, but mummified.

Alternative Travel!

As the challenging coronavirus spreads throughout the world, we hunker down, sheltering-in-place. Very few things bring out our joy, and a positive spirit, as does traveling. But we learn to cope. There are many ways for virtual travel, changing your mood.

A Love Letter and Meditation

Depending on what we choose to look at, we can still find beauty and hope in the world. Yes, we need to be realistic, but that also includes looking around 360 degrees, appreciating the good, and caring about each other.