How to live to 100-plus: Movement!

Part One: A Focus on Movement 

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You may not need to exercise … but you must make ‘movement’ a vital part of your daily life.

They must be doing something right to live so well, and so long!

TED talks are great sources of interesting and valuable information. Recently I listened to Dan Buettner’s talk on “How to Live to be 100-plus.” Now, maybe that’s isn’t everyone’s goal, necessarily. But, as a generalization, those elderly people must be doing something right—with good physical and mental and community activities. We don’t always have full control over the things that affect our lives. But we control many things.  We need to know and implement lifestyle changes that help us be healthier and happier. [That’s why we’re doing this blog…]

Buettner studied three different world communities where people live longer, healthier and happier lives. H concluded there are nine things these people did, in four different categories. The categories were movement, right outlook, diet and connection. I’ll preview the first category in this blog, with the rest to follow. 

The key to a healthy life? Moving naturally!

I love exercise, the sweat and the endorphins. I enjoy being able to multitask and listen to a podcast or audio book, occasionally using voice memos to note a good idea. Clearness of mind and the meditation aspects, too are a big plus. However, these centenarians don’t exercise as we think ‘exercise.’

These people lived so successfully by moving naturally—in their daily activities. It may be standing and cooking, going up stairs, doing yard and housework. They do the opposite of the so-called “modern” person who uses every single modern convenience to get out of physical activity.

Perhaps the most notable quote about these people was: “They tend to walk, the only proven way to stave off cognitive decline, and they all tend to have a garden.” With these two as starters, what activities might you do that could bring you joy and life?

Movements to vitalize your life: [Please contribute more ideas in Comments below!]

  1. Walking–for fun or simply to do errands, or to visit people.
  2. Gardening–you don’t have to be a farmer! Simple container gardening is a great start.
  3. Climbing–Walk up the stairs of apartments or malls instead of escalators or elevators
  4. Cooking–from scratch, cutting, chopping, moving around, instead of popping a frozen meal in a microwave.
  5. Washing your car–Wash your own car (Oh, how we love to sit in a car as it goes through a car wash!)
  6. Brushing your teeth!–Okay, how many use an electric toothbrush and love it? Maybe there are benefits. But think of the easy workout of brushing by hand, maybe alternating hands!
  7. Standing and typing–many offices now have standing desks. But with laptops or tablets, try occasionally working from a countertop as you walk and write (probably best at home!)

Are these doable for you? Please consider your daily routine and activities. Please consider how you’re moving. If you’re not moving enough, considering making a change and changing your life!

May you be blessed as you take steps for a more joyous, healthier, and more prosperous life!

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