Scott and Gigi Martell

Selam. Bonjour. Xin Chào. Hola. Ciao. Hello to you all. I am an author, blogger and coach with a passion for helping people get the most joy out of life. 

Life hasn’t been easy for me (or for most of you, we suspect). It inevitably will remain challenging. I’m not here in this blog to tread lightly over life and promote self-pleasure in a superficial, world. 

Rather, together, I want to build the foundation that brings all of us joy, no matter the situation. 

Joy is related to happiness, but is much deeper—it’s building a foundation so that when trials and tribulations do come, there is a support system—internally and externally, physically and spiritually—that helps us survive, even thrive. 

Our blog is devoted to explorers seeking joy in all its elements, through:

  • Brain health, caring for what makes us uniquely human
  • Good thinking,  since thoughts drive our feelings, decision, our life
  • Invigorating health, including nutrition and diet
  • Traveling and adventure, so we are inspired and excited
  • Embracing community so we know we’re not alone
  • Building relationships that are deep and real
  • Creating financial security, so it’s not an obsession
  • Helping others, for from that comes real blessings, joy
  • Developing spiritual awareness, so we a deeper peace and understanding
  • and other topics

I want to empower and energize people seeking freedom from boredom, low motivation, low self-esteem, unnecessary anxiety or the shroud of sadness. Together, let’s maximize the joyful opportunities in life, and reach our potential.

Currently, Scott and his wife, Gigi, live in Vietnam. Scott’s American, so we occasionally head back to Florida, Oregon and California. Gigi is British, originally from Ethiopia. We operate a charity in Ethiopia ( 

We look forward to developing community within this Internet adventure (website and blog) because we recognize community as an essential component to finding happiness, discovering joy.